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About us

Together we scale your impact and create a new future 

ORGX is here to assist organizations in transforming into meaningful companies, ensuring business continuity, while positively contributing towards society. All with a minimal environmental footprint. 

ORGX is a young and dynamic company which believes organizations should transform their focus by merging economical growth, societal perspectives and environmental believes to become future proof. 

We developed a holistic approach to realize a balanced optimum between the market opportunities and capabilities of an organization. Together with our clients we define and solve challenges with the highest impact, having economical growth and societal contribution in mind.

Our Philosophy

Scaling impact

We believe

...every organization needs to balance their economical growth, societal and environmental impact to ensure business continuity.

…organizations should monitor performance on real time basis and have data driven insights to scale impact.

Are you ready to

  • Scale impact, while transforming your business model?
  • Make a step forward in becoming future proof?
  • Work together to accomplish long-term impact?

We are ORGX!

Different perspectives fuel our imagination

We are bold and work with our heart to strive for the best possible outcome while having an enjoyable experience.

Our experts work with the professionals in your organization making your business future proof. We simply love to support you in your business transformation and co-create future proof solutions.


Let’s start working together

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ORGX contact

Joan Muyskenweg 22
1096 CJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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