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Impact management

We keep track of your transformation based on data, working towards a real time strategy providing data driven decisions.​

Opening up your view

Transformation efforts should contribute to set ambitions. When steering a transformation program, real-time data is the co-pilot of the business leader. Having relevant and real-time data at your disposal, enables you to keep focus and track progress. Organizations own an abundance of data; the challenge is making the available data work for your transformation.
“How do we ensure that the transformation actually offers the value we envision?”

Bringing it together

Our style is collaborative and based on co-creation. We believe nobody has all the answers, so we leverage the capabilities of our clients’ organizations, and combine them with our transformation expertise and extensive ecosystem to integrate multiple perspectives and make sure all required capabilities are in place.

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Impact management

Realtime strategy

Our ORGX model gives real time insights of your organization’s performance and how different scenarios would impact the company’s ambition.

Data driven decision making

We use your company’s data in complex decision-making processes. This brings the transparency needed in a business transformation.

Data management

We assist you in defining your data model, architecture, quality control, and governance.

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