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4 November 2021 • Walter Scheer

ORGX present at the WebSummit in Lisbon

The #websummit made me realize that ORGX has a perfect fit to current market challenges. Business leaders are looking for a way to re-focus and start valuating their business in a different way.

First time ORGX was present in Lisbon at the Websummit! Ihad an exciting time in Lisbon, starting with the #CorporateInnnovationSummit, taking part in discussing “How to build successful business ecosystems”, “The road to net zero”, “How technology is driving sustainability and “Digital with purpose. Special thanks to Peter KoerteAna CasacaTalimka YordanovaLuis NevesRebecca ParsonsVincent ClercAndreia MadeiraFernando Reino da CostaVolodymyr SemenyshynAlex van GestelAndreas Schnell and others for sharpening my view!

Furthermore, the Web Summit provided me with lots of inspiring talks and insightful discussions. The keynotes of Carlos Moedas and Brad Smith were my highlights (start following them for their great vision).

Takeaways of the websummit

At the summit we learned 3 important takeaways:

  1. The sense of urgency to save our climate
  2. We are comfortable with digital
  3. It is all about business transformation

1. The sense of urgency related to our climate

As the world leaders gathered in Glasgow and discussed saving the planet, the web summit supplied a similar setting. All business leaders confirmed the same message: They are fully focused on transforming towards more sustainable business. It is not a ‘nice-to-have’ anymore – it's becoming a ‘must-have’! And of course, the onsite start-ups in Lisbon are already providing solutions to make this happen!

2. We are comfortable with digital

We finally moved away from just talking about digital and have started focusing on business challenges again. A couple of years ago, emerging technologies were seen as a kind of magic, only a few understood how to use those technologies. As soon as technology became part of the discussion, the conversation became rather difficult due to the various levels of understanding. Now it seems there is a common ground on emerging technologies and how the functionalities can solve business challenges. Digital doesn't need to be pushed into discussion anymore: technology is always part of the solution.

It’s all about business transformation

In the last 5 years technology provided new ways to transform businesses. However, technology was mostly used to digitize and/or optimize existing businesses. Business transformation is not questioned anymore, it seems to be required to overcome the climate challenges. In my conversations with the business leaders, it became clear that they are taking the responsibility to address these challenges. The most heard quote: ‘we need to stop green-washing and start transforming the core of our business’. However, often they still do not know how.

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