Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive

Turning CSRD challenges into competitive advantage of tomorrow

What is CSRD?

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) is a European legislative act aimed at preventing greenwashing and improving transparency regarding sustainability. The directive requires European companies to report on their sustainability performance following the European Sustainability Reporting Standards. At first sight, CSRD is just another reporting obligation. However, it is meant to support organizations in building a solid foundation for a sustainable business operation. The CSRD requirements lead​ to insights in the impacts and risks of your organization on its surroundings and vice versa.

When is a company CSRD-ready?

A company is considered ‘CSRD ready’ when there is a solid foundation for sustainability reporting. This means the company has identified and prioritized the sustainability issues that are most relevant to the company and set an ambition to address those sustainability issues.

But being ready does not being mean being CSRD proof

A company is considered ‘CSRD proof’ when there is a CSRD report that meets the necessary standards. This requires implementing systems and processes to track and measure the company’s environmental, social, and human rights impacts, as well as efforts to address them. This involves  gathering data, establishing metrics and targets, and developing plans for improvement.

This is where we come in

You decide how high you raise the bar: whether you are aiming for compliancy, want to become a fierce competitor or strive to become a market maker. We assist you in the design and implementation of the necessary processes in an efficient way that suits and serves your business.​ We look further than just compliancy, we help you to use the CSRD to create a sustainable competitive advantage. Please look below for an example roadmap.

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