Improving impact with our solutions

We provide solutions that scale the impact of your organization. We develop customized solutions and scan our eco-system for already designed solutions. ​


We provide you with solutions to scale impact. We are connected to a rich eco-system of solution providers and we have the necessary in-house expertise to implement solution​s. The solutions we provide: 

  • existing enterprise solutions ​;
  • existing solutions from our start-up and scale-up eco-system;
  • custom designed solutions (business, people, technology).


We focus on solutions with the highest impact and a mimal effort to implement. We start with a clear description of the challenge, the scope (including requirements) of the solution and the expected impact. Based on this document, we determine the number of sprints to implement the solution. Examples of what we can deliver during a sprint:​ 

  • a search for existing solutions (3rd party marketplace solutions) ​;
  • an assessment of an existing solutions (implementation plan + impact assessment)​;
  • the development of a custom solution following design sprint methods.​ 


Organizations have a hard time finding the right solutions for their challenges. The market is overflowing with new software solutions and it is complicated to make the right choices. And a lot of organizations have already started building their eco-system. However, the most important question remains; does it serve the Impact Promise (IP) of the organization? With the Impact Promise and impact drivers in mind we know what solutions will scale your impact.​