Envisioning your future business 

We know how to show today’s infinite possibilities and come up with a future proof customized picture of what success could look like.


Within 6 weeks we work together towards a:

  • clearly defined Impact Promise of your organization;
  • shareable picture of what your organization looks like in the future;
  • set of impact drivers to bring focus and generate insights to scale impact.


​To envision your future business, we start with field research combined with desk research understanding the playing field with its specific market trends and competitors. Simultaneously, we conduct an organization readiness assessment to understand the maturity of the organization. The in- and outputs are documented and required for co-creating the Impact Promise and impact drivers of your organization.


All organizations are focused on making an impact. With markets shifting, the ongoing digital revolution and sustainability trends, it becomes challenging to increase impact. Besides making profit and guaranteeing business continuity organizations need to incorporate a social and environmental perspective to create scalable impact. At ORGX we call this the Impact Promise (IP). With the IP of your organization we are able to assess your performance.