Building your transformation roadmap

We understand how to unravel your strategic challenges and have found a way to design a holistic transformation roadmap.


Within 6 weeks we work together towards:

  • inventory of the biggest challenges of your organization;
  • project briefs (challenges transformed into projects with a business case);
  • clear oversight of all the necessary projects to scale impact​;
  • business transformation roadmaps (prioritized projects by impact drivers in a timeframe).


The cooperative process of building a solid dynamic business transformation roadmap relies on several workshops. First the key challenges of your organization will be defined. These challenges will be combined and turned into project briefs. Every project brief has a viable business case to deliver on the Impact Promise. With organizational readiness and impact drivers in mind, projects will be prioritized within a realistic timeframe.


Words like Digital Transformation, Sustainability, Social responsibility are often heard in board rooms. We all understand the importance of it, but the complexity lies in the translation into concrete, manageable projects. At ORGX we are specialized in building a dynamic and holistic business transformation roadmap.